Just in time for the colder weather, Kevin Costner is generously renting out his Aspen mansion to us commoners.

However, it's not cheap to live like a celebrity. A single night's rent is a whoppin' $36,000 (no wonder he's called Kevin Cost-ner.)

But, the price just might be worth it.

According to Architectural Digest, the 160-acre property contains three homes, a waterfall, a sledding hill, an ice skating rink, two fishing lakes, and a baseball diamond with its own sound system and pitching machine.

On top of that, Aspen Resort Luxury Rentals reports that the residence can comfortably host 27 people.

So, if you have 26 friends, you can experience Kevin Costner's life for just $1,333 a night.

Inside Kevin Costner's Aspen Mansion

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