Breckenridge looks to DNA test local dogs. Should Junction too?

No doubt that DNA is a gamechanger when it comes to solving a crime. That same technology could soon solve the mystery of what dog left that pile of doo too. Breckenridge is considering DNA testing the roughly 50 canines living in the town in an effort to crack down on the mess that's being left behind.

It appears to be working in Aspen and Denver, why not in Grand Junction? In nearly every market where the technology has been implemented, it's work wonders in cutting down the amount of dog waste that's left behind. In Breckenridge, fines could range anywhere from $50 to $200 for not picking up the poo.

Don't ask me how this high tech data collecting actually works. I'm not sure if local police will walk around the neighborhood with a DNA poop testing device where they would insert a probe-like needle into the pile and up will pop your address? it appears the threat of such testing is enough to reduce the amount of poop piling up.

Is this something that needs to be done here? Or is poo, not a problem?

Credit: KOAA 5News 

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