This has to be the creepiest story -- a woman in Rock Hill, S.C. discovered her ex-boyfriend living in her attic after they have been broken up for nearly 12 years. It gets even creepier.

The Rock Hills woman wants to remain nameless since her ex is still on the loose. While putting her children to bed, the woman heard a noise in the attic. "Then all the nails just popped out of the ceiling over my bed. Like 'bing, bing, bing,'" the woman told Channel 36 in Charlotte, N.C.

She thought it was just an animal and sent her oldest son and adult nephew to investigate.

What they stumbled upon was the ladies ex-boyfriend whom she had broken up with years ago -- the man bolted out of the house before police could arrive.

The man had set up camp in the heating unit using old coats for padding; the police also found to-go cups full of feces and urine throughout the attic. Told you it got creepier!

The man was just busted for stealing her truck this year and was released from his sentence two weeks ago.

Talk about a fatal attraction!