Today (October 3) is National Boyfriend Day so get ready guys. Here are just a few ways you can celebrate National Boyfriend Day here in Grand Junction.

If you're like me then you had no idea about National Boyfriend Day until today. No worries, we still have plenty of ways we can make today special for our guy.

According to the National Calendar Day's website, this is what National Boyfriend Day is all about:

Boyfriends have been overlooked in the past when it comes it comes to holidays. There are special days for mothers and father, siblings, cousins, grandparents, girlfriends and even in-laws. This is a day to show appreciation to boyfriends everywhere for the good things they do.

My boyfriend does so much for me, he definitely deserves some celebrating. Here are a few ways to celebrate National Boyfriend Day in Grand Junction.

Date Night

Tonight is the night to treat your boyfriend and go to the movies at The Picture Show or out to dinner. I always like going to Edgewater and the Ale House with my boyfriend.

Or instead of going out, you could make him dinner and watch a movie together at home. Netflix and chill definitely works for National Boyfriend Day.

Massage Him

I am always up for getting massaged and I know my boyfriend is the same. He works hard and is constantly on his feet so I know he appreciates it. Massages are simple because there's no preparation needed and -- it's free.

Surprise Him

You can literally surprise your boyfriend will anything and he will love it. It could be coming home with a pizza (my boyfriend loves Enzo's), some lottery tickets, a hat or a surprise trip to go fishing or watch the leaves changing color.

Get In Your Feelings

National Boyfriend Day is the perfect day to get in your feelings. Tell your boyfriend how you feel or you could write it in a card.

I've already texted my boyfriend how happy I am he's in my life and that's not the only nice thing I plan on doing for him today. (Since he puts up with me 24/7, he definitely deserves it.) There are plenty of ways to celebrate National Boyfriend Day, just make sure you tell your guy how special he is to you.

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