Winter X Games 2013 is right around the corner and the videos for the 2013 Real Snow "Urban Snowboarding" have been released. We've ran through them all and have picked our top five videos.

The X Games "Real Series" started back in 2010 with "Real Street," this was a way for athletes to highlight their killer video segments in an all video series competition. The real series has since expanded to other disciplines.

This year's entries in the Urban Snowboarding Real Snow Series are insane -- we had a tough time choosing who would take the cake, so we broke it down like this:

Most Insane Trick -- Eero Ettala

Eero Ettala throws down some big tricks in his 2013 Winter X Games "Real Series" submission! Check out his double backflip over a Helsinki skateparks pool right around the one minute mark.

Most Insane Lines -- Louis-Felix Paradis

Louis-Felix Paradis lays down some of the most technical tricks in the sport of snowboarding -- making it look like he was born on a snowboard. Our minds are still blow by his japandrecht rainbow slide -- speechless!

Best Jibbing -- Frank April

Making his "Real Snow" series debut, Frank April takes jibbing to a whole new level. Super technical rail work, making use of a double-sided rail stomping a 50-50 backflip to boardslide!

Biggest Tricks -- Dan Brisse

No one brings bigger tricks to the game than Dan Brisse -- insane drops, gigantic airs and rad rail work make Brisse one of this years top contenders in the Urban Snowboarding Real Snow series. The first two shots explain it all.

The Urban Snowboarding Real Snow series will be judged by a panel of judges, however fans have a say in the "Fans Favorite," check out the Real Snow voting page to cast your votes!