This weekends Winter X Games has the potential to top every X Games before it, so you definitely don't want to miss a single second! The Winter X Games has you covered with their newly updated app. Check out some of the features.

Who knows Shaun White could rip through another perfect run with a killer variation of the Triple Cork or some rad variation of the front flip on a snowmobile, so ESPN X Games has release an fresh looking app to keep you in the know.

This sweet looking app available for iPhone, iPad and Android will keep you up-to-date with videos, highlights, track scores and more. If you're headed into Aspen you'll be able to find parking info, navigate the X Games venues and learn about other X Games services -- we'll definitely be using it to find parking!

If you're chilling at home watch the X Games on the tube, fire up the app for some serious interaction with TrickTrack. Not sure what that trick was -- we lose track all the time. The TrickTrack feature will give you the lowdown on tricks in real time. Fans will also be able "virtually" cheer for their favorite moments with the HypeMeter feature and stream live coverage from the WatchESPN app.

We're getting our geared up for this weekends Winter X Games, and you should be too!

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