Mike Schultz is definitely an athlete to watch at the 2013 Winter X Games in Aspen this weekend. He’s dominated both the Moto X Super X Adaptive and Snowmobile SnoCross Adaptive events in 2010. What you may not know is that Schultz lost his leg in competition in 2008, since then he has designed his own prosthetic leg specifically designed for action sports.

Mike Schultz was a pro SnoCross racer who was living his dream racing with the best SnoCross riders in the world, that was until December 2008 during a race where he had a devastating crash taking his left leg. It was then Mike took life by the "leg" and decided to design his own prosthetic leg.

During a Q & A at the 2013 Winter X Games in Aspen Mike Schultz [excitingly] described how he came up with the idea of his Moto Knee and prosthetic company Biodapt, INC.

Mike Schultz Moto Knee by Biodapt, INC.

Knowing that there were plenty of prosthesis for everyday use, running and "light" sporting use, nothing really existed for action sports like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and even horseback riding.

"The movements are different," Schultz explains, "in action sports it's all about the quadriceps and that active stance to absorb the shock."

Mike moves onto describe his Moto Knee and company Biodapt that he started to fill the "gap" in prosthesis and help other amputees who were action sports athletes -- pros and weekenders alike.

He joked that while laying in the hospital began looking at mountain bikes and the Fox shocks they used on the rear suspensions and thought the shocks could possibly work in a design for an action sport prosthetic. His friends and family joked that he'd be in his garage in soon building his own leg out of Fox shocks, in actuality it was only a few month after that he began drawing designs while he was still on crutches.

What really ignited the idea in his mind was in 2009 when he found out about the adaptive supercross race -- the adaptive series add to the X Games events were made for amputee athletes. Mike stated that after catching wind of this, he wanted to be back on stage competing in all these rad events.

During the 2012 Winter X Games in Aspen, there were no snocross events for Schultz to compete in, but he was invited to compete in the exhibition Adaptive BoraderCross race and was amazed to see all the one-legged snowboarders there are and how they want to continue to go big. Seeing this drive in other athletes keeps Mike's drive to build the best product he can to support these awesome sports.

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