I just moved to Grand Junction not too long ago, 18 days ago to be exact and I'm on the lookout for a new hairstylist. So I'm asking you, who is the best in the Grand Junction area?

My hair needs some serious help! It's been about three months since I've cut my hair. I'm starting to get more and more split ends, it's flat, it's shapeless, it's pretty bad. You can only put so much product in your hair until it's just like "nope, this ain't enough."

I'm definitely willing to commute to Fruita or Palisade, if you want to even call that a commute! I need someone that knows how to cut curly hair. Help me fix this nappy mop of mine by letting me know who is the best hairstylist around here.

We'll be taking submission through Monday, June 12 @ midnight.

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