Mike Protich from Red Sun Rising went from having long, luscious locks to one of the most majestic mullets I've ever seen. Here's some reasons to rock a mullet by Mike Protich.

I had the chance to talk to Mike, the lead singer of Red Sun Rising, about music and mullets. Red Sun Rising is at the Mesa Theater in Grand Junction on August 8th with City of the Weak.

I was used to seeing Mike Protich with his long curly hair for so long, but as of lately he's been rocking the mullet. Other than the fact that he's had his long hair since high school, these are more reason why did away with the long locks and now rocks the mullet:

Hair Care

Mike said this about his long hair 'when you're touring that much, it's a lot to take care of. And I just didn't want to do it anymore to be honest with you.' His hair care went from fifteen minutes to zero minutes. Because now all Mike has to do is roll out of bed, and his mullet is ready to go.


When I asked what are some mullets he looks up to, this is what Mike Protich told me. He said 'Liam Gallager from Oasis had a pretty sweet mullet.' And Paul McCartney too. Mike says he hopes have the next iconic mullet and I told him that he already does.

Head Bangin' Headbands

No one rocks a headband better than someone with a mullet. Not only can you rock two extreme head accessories (the mullet and the headband) you can head bang better too. Well, you can head bang and see -- at the same time. I'm sure that comes in handy on stage.

I'm excited to see Red Sun Rising again and so are they. Red Sun Rising is excited to be back in Colorado and to play music from 'Polyester Zeal' their latest album, 'Thread.'

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