Gentlemen. If you're still going to a salon to get your hair cut, it's time to stop. Now is the time to find out why men have been going to a traditional barber for years.

At Bejarano's Barbering in downtown Grand Junction, you'll notice one thing -- it's made for men. The walls are adorned with "guy stuff" from an old-school dartboard, 50s style pin-up photos, beer advertisements and sporting memorabilia. You know, stuff fueled by testosterone.

Why is this important when your "just getting your hair cut"? You don't have to hear the "hens cackling" about their horrible date last night, or that their husband didn't do their honey-do list. Nope. You'll get what you expect when hanging out with the guys, guy talk. Sports, women, dirty jokes, nothing is off limits when sitting in the barber's chair.

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The owner, Chris Bejarano and his team of highly-skilled barbers will make short work of that mop on your top. All while keeping you entertained with witty banter and good conversation. Just think of the Floyd the Barber from the Andy Griffith Show -- if you're in the younger demo, think Ice Cube's 'Barber Shop' movie.

Bejarano's Barbering

We caught up with Chris to find out more about his passion for barbering.

Describe the typical Bejarano's customer.

The beauty of Bejarano's, there is not a typical customer. We get all walks of life from the very uptight professional to the very slack college student.

Why barbering?

I chose to barber because I wanted to follow in my family's footsteps. My father was a barber and his uncle before him. Seemed like a lot of fun hanging out chatting it up with all your friends.

What is your favorite hairstyle you're asked to cut?

My favorite type of haircut to do is really just a classic pompadour or and old fashioned contour (the kids these days call it a "comb over" or the "soccer" haircut). Something about the traditions and nostalgia of those cuts that makes it cool.

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What sets Bejarano's apart from other shops?

I think it is the atmosphere. We have a real laidback place. But at the same time, we are VERY professional and I think it's the balance between the two that people like. It's a typical barbershop with the typical type of banter and conversation, sports, and current events (with a nice coating of satire on the latter).

How did you finance the shop?

I financed the shop through a small business loan. I used a local bank that I've been with for years. It really was a leap of faith, but the bank had faith in me along with a large clientele that had the same feeling it would be successful.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to a new business owner in Grand Junction?

The only advice I would give to a new business owner is to do your homework and due diligence in your area of business. Have a plan and go over it a bunch, make sure it's a solid plan without any pitfalls. That and dream big, you are the only one that can keep yourself from being successful!

Now's the time to break out from the smelly chemicals of the salons and get your hair cut by a traditional barber. You'll find Bejarano's in downtown Grand Junction at 637 Main Street or check them out on Facebook.

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