Last week I posted a question on Facebook asking if you prefer to take Patterson or North when driving through Grand Junction. Here are the results:

3. Riverside Parkway

With five votes, a route that wasn't even part of the question, Riverside Parkway, came in third place. Michael said, "I only drive on Patterson once or twice a year mainly to remind myself why I only drive Patterson once or twice. I take Riverside Parkway."

2. North

Narrowly beating out Riverside Parkway by one vote was North. I actually prefer to take North a lot of the time myself, but I've learned that there are some places that it's IMPOSSIBLE to turn left on North without being very, very patient, especially during peak driving hours. Danna referred to the question as picking the lesser of two evils, saying, "Depends on where I'm going. I used to take Patterson all the time, but I prefer North now."

1. Patterson

With a total of eight votes, Patterson is the clear winner here, although there still seems to be a lot of animosity regarding the route. For example, Jammie commented, "I try to never go down North, and Patterson only at night or early AM. Too much traffic."

Although Patterson emerged the victor, there were a good number of people whose responses were conditional. For example, Phillip said that it "depends on the time of day and the destination." And, perhaps my favorite comment of all, came from Ben who said, "Depends on which one is blocked off to one lane of traffic by a construction company or the city for no apparent (sic) reason at all. They're like, "We're gonna put a few happy little cones here just for aesthetic purposes." #wheresmyflyingcar

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