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In light of the 'Go Fund Yourself' contest going on, I posted a question on Facebook asking what you'd do if you were given an extra $10,000, and here's what you said.

Practical Ideas to Spend $10,000 in Grand Junction

Many of you can pat yourself on the back for giving responses as to what to do with an extra $10,000 in a practical way. Some of these ideas included things like paying bills, getting out of debt, buying a reliable car, and even getting teeth implants.

However, not all of the ideas were so practical.

Not-So-Practical Ideas to Spend $10,000 in Grand Junction

Some of the responses to my question were a little less practical and included spending the money on things like a sports car, a boat, or going on a shopping spree at Home Depot. In reality, I'd probably spend a good chunk of that money on guitar-related purchases so really I have no room to judge.

Fun Ideas to Spend $10,000 in Grand Junction

Some of the ideas of what to spend an extra $10k on were more fun ideas like throwing a pizza party, buying a motorhome to travel around in, or scooping up the best seats in the house for the upcoming Halestorm concert at Las Colonias Amphitheater August 7th.

Here are the ways that some of Grand Junction would spend an extra $10,000:

What Grand Junction Would Do with an Extra $10,000

I posted a question on Facebook asking what you'd do with an extra $10,000 and this is what you said.

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