Grand Junction is a great place to seek out historic homes. They are peppered all over the historic district and in some of the much older areas of town, and sometimes they can sneak up on you.

How many houses in Grand Junction do you think are over 100 years old? How many of those homes do you think are up for sale right now?

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How Old is the Oldest Home for Sale in Grand Junction

The oldest home for sale right now in Grand Junction, Colorado was built in 1900. It's a beautiful home that the right owners could do so much with. The home sits at 754 Grand Avenue. We'll take a closer look at this house in the photo gallery below.

Older Homes Usually Mean Bigger Yards

Have you always dreamed of having a huge backyard? You might consider browsing some of the older listings in Grand Junction. Houses that went up 100 years ago usually came with more land than homes of 2023. Many over the 100-year-old homes in the gallery below sit on an entire acre of land or more.

Which Old House is the Most Expensive?

The home in the gallery below with the highest price tag was built in 1913. It includes more than four acres of land and is listed at $1,400,000. We'll take a closer look at this 4 Bedroom/5 Bathroom house below.

Step Back in Time: Explore Grand Junction’s Most Historic Homes

Historic homes are not hard to find in the city of Grand Junction, Colorado. Today, we're scrolling through some of the most historic houses for sale by only including listings that are at least 100 years old. Each one of these homes in the gallery below has been standing in town since at least 1920.

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