There are big changes coming to Grand Junction, Colorado that are sure to positively shape our future summers.

According to a press release from the city of Grand Junction, a grant has been received to improve the riverfront at Dos Rios.

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Riverfront at Dos Rios

The Riverfront at Dos Rios in Grand Junction is a 40-acre mixed-use development with 15.8 acres of parks and open space for the public's use.

Aptly named, the development provides access to the riverfront as well as trail systems, green space, and downtown Grand Junction.

More Money, Less Problems at Dos Rios in Grand Junction

The Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) recently rewarded the city of Grand Junction with a grant of $400,00 to improve and develop the Riverfront at Dos Rios.

The almost half a million dollar grant is predicted to go far when it comes to making positive changes to the park.

The city is planning on creating a more extensive splash pad, which is sure to delight the kids. In addition, the city will also be using the funds to revitalize the riverfront and construct the beach area.

A beach? In Grand Junction? Yep, you better believe it.

Brighter Summers Ahead for Grand Junction

If you're a Grand Junction native, you may remember a time when the riverfront at Dos Rios was anything but spectacular, and instead quite literally a heap of junk.

Mayor Stout reflected on the site's former state saying,

I grew up on Orchard Mesa and we drove across that junkyard every time we came into town. We plugged our noses when we crossed the 5th Street Bridge because of the rendering plant and we knew, even as children, that the river divided the “good Grand Junction” from where we lived. I am thrilled now that this is the site that unites and welcomes our whole community.

There's not a timeline on how long these developments will take, but future summers in Grand Junction are looking great!

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