We all have been on a road trip where dad is in a hurry to get somewhere and he makes you hold it as long as you can. Dad just might be putting your health in danger. What are the health risks to 'Holding It'?


I'll start this off by first saying that if you are elderly or pregnant than you probably shouldn't hold it and you probably won't be able to hold it as long as someone younger and not pregnant. We have all tried holding it as long as we can, and I've noticed the closer you get to the bathroom the more you have to go and the harder it is to hold it.


On average, we all urinate about seven times a day. The average bladder can hold about 14 ounces of liquids. That is a little over a regular sized pint glass.  By holding your urine in you are stretching your bladder. Which could lead to numerous health issues like:

  • Inability to empty bladder completely
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Kidney Infection
  • Loss of Bladder control
  • Bladder infection

It's very uncommon for your bladder to explode as most kids exaggerate. But it has happened. An Astronomer by the name of Tycho Brahe was trying to be polite and hold in his overly full bladder at a banquet because he feared he would be rude by getting up and leaving. His bladder did burst and he died at the scene, how rude.

So now matter if you are elderly or young, pregnant or not, you should try to relieve yourself as often as possible. This of course is easier said than done. Maybe do what my dad told us, "Pee in a bottle, were not stopping!" Or better yet, just plan ahead.