Since I'm new to the area, I know there's a lot of different places that are daytrip distance from Grand Junction. Here's the three that I would like to check out that are less than two hours away.

  • Orvis Hot Springs

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    With this place being less than an hour 45 minutes away, this could easily be done within a day. I've always wanted to go to a hot spring and I can't wait to check this one out. You can stay in a room or camp AND there's an area just for smokers. This spring is in the 103 to 107 degree range. The hotter the better in my opinion!

  • Moab

    Harvey Meston / Staff

    This beautiful place is about an hour 45 minute drive and just the drive is worth the trip. The Delicate Arch and Landscape Arch are things I've only seen on TV or in postcards. They seem to be a trademark of the West. The scenic way to go is from I-70 to Highway 128, follow the river and I've heard you won't be disappointed.

  • Black Canyon

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    The steep, black cliffs make Black Canyon a captivating place less than an hour and a half minutes away. Black Canyon is home to the highest cliff in Colorado, the Painted Wall. 2,250 feet. It stands taller than the Eiffel tower and the Empire State Building.