As we get closer and closer to November 6, 2012 things continue to heat up politically including the first debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney tonight. Yesterday Western Slope political hopefuls spoke out regarding Colorado Amendment 64 or the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act of 2012.

If voted on by Coloradans Amendment 64 would allow adults 21 or older basically the same deal as the state's medical marijuana law allows. Except that it only allows for one ounce of marijuana for personal use instead of thee two allowed by law for medical marijuana patients. It still give local communities and voters to ban retail sales, like was done in many in 2011. It was also broken down by the Colorado Center on Law and Policy and reserves dollars generated to build new schools.

Candidates from the Western Slope recently spoke out about their opinions on the proposed Colorado Amendment 64. Tim Menger, the Libertarian who wants to take the Colorado House District 54 seat and is former Fruita Police Officer Jared Wright's only opponent. Menger said, "I don't see why our prisons are full of people who just want to light up a leaf and smoke it." Jared Wright believes Amendment 64 would open the floodgates for Mexican drug cartels. He also says that most of the $2 million behind Amendment 64 came from "out of state and of the state and out of the country."

Congressional Libertarian candidate Gary Gilman has compared federal marijuana laws to prohibition on alcohol. Adding, "We should let people make their own decisions." Candidate Tisha Casida, who is unaffiliated, compared the choice to hers of consuming raw milk. Tisha said, "People have a natural right to consume whatever they like."