If you have been to enough concerts in your life, it pretty much goes without saying that you've probably been disappointed with a concert experience at least once or twice over the years.

The opportunity to connect with the artist that wrote and recorded music that we love is supposed to be a special one, but any number of factors can spoil that experience in a heartbeat.

There are countless tales of notoriously hard-partying bands letting down their audiences by simply being too messed up on drugs and/or alcohol to put on a good show, giving the fans a much less favorable experience than they'd hoped.

However, sometimes it's not the musicians that ruin the concert, but the other fans. An inconsiderate fan can certainly turn a concert experience sour in a heartbeat.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking residents of Western Colorado which concerts were the most disappointing, and this is what they said.

Western Colorado Residents Remember the Most Disappointing Concerts

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One of the concerts mentioned by multiple people as being disappointing was Meat Loaf's infamous performance at Rock Jam. However, Deftones were listed as being disappointing for concertgoers multiple times as well, also due to the lackluster performance they put on.

Bill mentioned that seeing blues legend B.B. King near the end of his life was disappointing due to the fact that the guitarist was just too old to put on a good show.

However, it wasn't always the artists' fault that the experience was soured, as multiple people also named disappointing concerts that were ruined by fans.

Keep scrolling to see all of the most disappointing concerts listed by these Western Colorado residents:

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