Tyler Morris, fly fishing guide at Western Anglers, shares what he brings with him every time he goes fishing. Here are the fly fishing guide's fly fishing essential.

Tyler Morris is a fly fishing guide at Western Anglers and taught me how to fly fish. Thanks to Tyler, I love fly fishing so much I even got my first fly fishing rod.

Whether he's guiding or fishing, these are the essentials that Tyler Morris always brings with him.

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    This fishing guide at Western Anglers says to always bring a net to keep control of the fish.

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    Tyler Morris says he brings hemostats (forceps) to remove hooks and pinch weighs and barbs.

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    He says that nippers (pliers) are used to clip tippet and keep your teeth in good condition.

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    Tyler Morris says to head to Western Anglers for flies that are working for local waters. (And for tips on where to go fishing.)

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    The fly fishing guide says you need leaders and tippets to tie your flies to.

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    Tyler Morris from Western Anglers says you need indicators to keep your flies ni the zone and to detect light strikes.

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    Split Shots

    Split shots (weights) are essential to get the flies down deeper in the current, according to Tyler Morris the fly fishing guide at Western Anglers.

  • 8

    Rod & Reel

    Tyler says a rod and reel is vital to put all your essentials together.

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    Fishing License

    The fly fishing guide from Western Anglers says to make sure you're being legal and have your fishing license while fishing.

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    It's essential to stay hydrated while you're fishing. And maybe an ice cold beer too. That's a nice to top off a day of fishing, according to Tyler Morris from Western Anglers.

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