It's February and you're probably dying to go fishing because I know I am. Thanks to a local fly fishing guide, here are some February fishing holes in Grand Junction.

Tyler Morris is a fly fishing guide at Western Anglers and knows exactly where to go to catch some fish. He says that now is a good time to fish our rivers, and I've seen his pictures of his catches as proof. He also said at all of the ice on these fishing holes were melted last week, making it the perfect time to go fishing.

Whenever the ice melts, it gives the fish a flux of oxygen and warmer water which makes them active and hungry. Tyler says that he's caught fish in all of these places using his signature mountain midge fly. Here are three fishing holes in Grand Junction ready for you to cast and catch.

  • 1

    Corn Lake

    The first February fishing hole is Corn Lake, which is off of 32 Road in Clifton. You can expect to catch rainbow trout, bass and carp in Corn Lake.

  • 2

    Mack Mesa

    Mack Mesa Lake in Highline Park near Loma and is ready for you to cast out and catch some fish. Mack Mesa has fish like rainbow trout, bass and carp.

  • 3

    Rifle Falls

    Rifle Falls State Park is the last February fishing hole. RIfle State Park is waiting for you to drop a line and catch lake trout, brook trout, or maybe a Snake River or native cutthroat trout.

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