You can stay in an old school schoolhouse converted into an Airbnb in Delta. This Airbnb is less than an hour away from Grand Junction and was built in 1916.

More than likely you've never stayed the night in an old schoolhouse, until now. The Columbine Schoolhouse is in Delta and is less than an hour away from Grand Junction. The schoolhouse is 35 minutes away from Black Canyon National Park and the Grand Mesa, according to the Airbnb listing, and is 20 minutes away from the Gunnison River.

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The schoolhouse has three decks, lots of closet space, and amazing views. You can also ride bikes, which are available at the schoolhouse or play with two mini donkeys, which are also available at the schoolhouse. Let's take a look at the old schoolhouse turned Airbnb.

Old Schoolhouse Turned Airbnb in Delta

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