Mosquitoes on the front range are carrying the West Nile virus

A recent round of trap-testing found West Nile virus-infected mosquitoes. The positive tests came from Fort Collins, Berthoud and Weld County areas. At this time there was no word of any mosquitoes testing positive on the western slope or in the Grand Valley area.

14 people were infected with the West Nile virus during the 2017 season. 2 of the 14 died as a result. One of the victims lived in Fort Collins. It's vital that if you find yourself not feeling well to contact a doctor as soon as possible. Early detection is key for your recovery.

A cousin of mine was recently hospitalized because of a bite. He lives and works on a Missouri farm. One afternoon he started feeling ill. His condition continued to get worse. He experienced chills, fever, body aches, and got so sick he said "I thought I was going to die". After being taken to the hospital he was informed he had contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. One tic bite was all it took. "At least it wasn't Lyme disease" he said. That would have been worse. My point is that bug bites are a common occurrence. However, if you do feel sick, contact your doctor immediately.

Here are 4 mosquito bite preventive measures:

1-Drain any standing water. Even though it's been extremely dry check possible water retaining places including bird baths, gutters, kiddie pools, old tires, and any spot that could hold water. These places, and the water they retain, are common breeding sites.

2-I know it's hot but wear lightweight, long-sleeved shirts and pants while outdoors. Especially if you're up on the Grand Mesa or near a river, pond, or lake. Spray your clothing with insect repellent.

3-Apply insect repellent to exposed skin too. Don't compromise. Buy the good stuff and use it on every outdoor outing.

4-Early in the morning and late in the evening are when mosquitoes are most active. Try to limit outdoor activity during these times as much as possible.

Credit: Colordoan 

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