Two Colorado residents have contracted the West Nile Virus. One was hospitalized with the more serious form of infection.

This isn't good news for those of us that love the outdoors. Especially us fisherman. With Labor Day weekend coming up it's a reminder to take extra precaution.

The two that contracted the virus was over on the front range in Weld County. However, we do know that there was a positive test from a trapped mosquito here in Mesa County. That sample was taken just a couple months ago. The trapping and testing end on August 31st but we'll have a couple more months of continued risk before the first frost sometime in October.

Again, remember these tips:

-Empty all outdoor containers and flower pots, inspect your gutters and check around your house for any standing water at least once a week.

-Limit your activity during dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. That's a challenge for us fisherman, runners, hikers, and those of us that prefer the cooler low light time of day.

-If you are out during that time of day, make sure to use repellent. Those with DEET is the most effective in preventing bites.

-Wear long sleeves and proper protective clothing.

  Credit: The Tribune

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