Tornadoes in Colorado are something you expect, but did you know that one particular Colorado county has had more tornadoes in the last 70 years than any other county in the entire country?

Does Colorado Have Tornadoes?

Most people have a fear of tornadoes, for good reason too. Mine started when I was just five.

We lived in an old trailer park in Westminster, Colorado, right off of 100th and Federal. I had a nightmare that I heard my neighbors screaming and running around outside. I rushed to my window, no screen because we were classy in my trailer park, stuck my head out, and there it was a giant killer tomato! Yes, like the cartoon.

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I guess I had trouble saying tornado, so I said tomato, and that show was super popular at the time so apparently, my imagination was running wild like Hulkamania, brother.

Turns out my lifelong fear of tornadoes from that moment on is justified because Colorado has two counties in the top 10 for most tornadoes since 1950, with one being at the very top of the list.

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

What Colorado Counties Have The Most Tornadoes?

My wife follows Denver & Front Range Weather on Facebook, and they posted one of the craziest stats I've ever seen. Since 1950, Weld County, Colorado, has had 273 tornadoes making it the number one county for the most tornadoes in the entire country.

Number two is Harris County in Texas with 225 since 1950, so, it's not even close.

Adams County is the third highest in the country for tornadoes. Yes, Weld is a huge county, but the sheer number alone is impressive and scary.

Bottom line? If you live in Colorado, know what to do in the case of a tornado just in case, because they certainly like our state, especially Weld Couty.

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