While Colorado is known for its heavy snowfall in the winter, a necessary catalyst for the state's massive ski industry, sometimes cold, white precipitation falls from the sky during warmer months, in a much less pleasant fashion.

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If you've lived in Colorado for long enough, it's likely that you've either heard about or actually encountered, a hailstorm of epic proportions. While you can't exactly set your watch to them, massive hailstorms aren't considered rare in Colorado and have been known to be accompanied by pea-sized, golf-ball-sized, and even baseball-sized and bigger hailstones.

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Late spring of 2024 saw quite the event with hailstorms of this nature arriving in various parts of Colorado and because we currently live in the age of technology in which almost everyone carries a phone with a camera on their person at all times, the phenomenon was documented from numerous vantage points.

Footage of Colorado Hailstorms Compiled from Various Sources

While temperatures have risen to over 100 degrees in many parts of Colorado this year, it wasn't very long ago that many parts of the state experienced devastating hailstorms.

Even more recently, a video titled, "USA is in chaos! Giant hail hits homes and cars in Colorado" was uploaded to the popular weather-centric YouTube channel known as Forces of Nature, showing the devastation from various amateur videographers.

Images of damaged vehicles, pulverized trees, and so much hail gathered that one might unknowingly assume they were looking at a photo taken during winter were just some of the shocking sights caught on camera.

Keep scrolling to check out some of the documentation of the most recent hailstorms to hit Colorado:

Shocking Footage Shows How Hard Recent Hail Hit Colorado

Footage compiled by a popular weather-centric YouTube channel shows just how hard Colorado was hit by recent hailstorms. 

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

Colorado Had a Hailstorm in 1994 that Looked Like the Apocalypse

Back in August of 1994, one Colorado city was hit by so much hail that you might have thought it was the end of the world.

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

Popular Storm Chaser Channel Catches Footage of Colorado Tornado

A popular storm chaser channel on YouTube caught footage of a tornado that took place earlier this week in Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

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