Mandatory restrictions begin today for the City of Grand Junction.

It was just a matter of time. We had speculated that water restrictions needed to be put in place. As this spring and summer's drought continued action needed to be taken. The City of Grand Junction has officially ordered Mandatory Water Restrictions as of today. The city has been under a voluntary restriction for several months but despite the recent rains, mandatory restrictions are now in place. Officially, it's called the "Mandatory Water Restrictions (Stage II Drought)" plan. You can read or download the details and information by clicking HERE.

The restrictions apply to all City of Grand Junction water customers who use city water as their outdoor watering source. Water will be restricted to 3 days-a-week for the rest of August, 2 days-a-week in September, and 1 day per week in October. The water restrictions will remain in place through the irrigation season and until further notice.


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