Don't mess with a coyote that has a mate on the brain.

Reports of persons being attacked by coyotes are pretty rare. Attacks on dogs are much more common. Coyotes are different too than most wild animals in the fact that they not only survive in an urban environment but can actually thrive living in close proximity to people. Most of the time that co-existence isn't much of a problem. During mating season, coyotes can become much more aggressive.

In Colorado, the mating season lasts from mid-January to about mid-March. During this roughly 6-week stretch coyotes can become much more daring and aggressive. After the pups are born coyotes are very territorial and fearless when it comes to protecting their young.

The best advice is to avoid areas where you've noticed the coyote traffic. Remeber too that they're more active in early morning, later in the evening, and at night.

If you're on a run or hike and come across an aggressive coyote the best thing to do is make lots of noise and wave your arms. Making yourself appear larger and noisy will usually scare them away. Remember too to always keep your dog on a leash and limit the time you have your pet out during the next couple of months.

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