It sounds like it could possibly be a quicker way to 'get rich quick' than the lottery. One woman, who police accuse of having 'no brains', found out otherwise.

Larry W. Smith, Getty Images

Although selling fake drugs might sound like some sort of community service to drug addicts from doing drugs, it's illegal. As Melisa Akers of Centralia, Washington found out it makes things worse when the meth addicts you sold table salt to know where you live.

Centralia police noted salt and meth don't look similar adding, “People who use it know exactly what it’s like, and frankly, I’m amazed she would even try that." Melissa did try to do that and was forced to make a 911 call of her own.

Police had to show up to save her from the person she sold some very expensive salt to. They ended up hauling her off to jail when she was found by police smoking marijuana with her teenage sons, after she had called 911.

Centralia police officer Corey Butcher said, “It’s hard to put into words the level of intelligence that goes along with this. No brains at all.”