The Colorado House Health and Insurance Committee votes to move to vaping outdoors.

By an overwhelming margin too. The committee votes were 10 for outdoor vaping and only a single vote for allowing vaping to continue inside public places. The bill, that will soon likely become law, goes even further by limiting the use of e-cigs not only outside but not within 25 feet of entrances.


Obviously, the vaping industry is concerned that further regulations will negatively impact their business if folks can't vape inside the shops where they buy and sample the products.

When it comes to the bill, the debate rages about just how detrimental vapor is to the public. "There's a misunderstanding about what's in these vaping products, people seem to believe that it is water vapor", says Kelsey Fife of the Mesa County Public Health Office. It's not? That's what I believed.

Those that sell the products also claim that it's the nicotine and the carcinogens in the combustible products that cause the second-hand smoke problem. That burning process does not occur with an e-cig.

Regardless, the bill is moving forward and will likely get approval from legislators when they get their chance to vote on the bill. Looks like those that vape will soon be gathered outside huddled together with the cigarette smokers.

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