Get ready guys the biggest rip-off of the year happens this weekend, that's right once again it's time for Valentine's Day. You know that day when everyone has their hand in your wallet in the name of love.

Look I believe in love but come on this is just another way to get money out of our pockets. Christmas was just 51 days ago and now we have to pony up again to show our love for you.

Now ladies don't get me wrong I get this is a two way street but you don't really have to do much for this day really. You go out get a card maybe some candy and you are done, for us guys its much different.

Sure we can go get a card and maybe some really good candy but that won't cut it will it. No we have make a big deal out of this day or we get the look for the next two months.

Don't believe me just give your girl a card and candy early Saturday, then just go about your day and see what happens. I bet at some point you get the look, you know that look that says this all you think about me.

No, you better have a nice night planed if you want Valentine's Day to end the way you want it to. That means a good gift, dinner and maybe something romantic.

Once again the pressure is on and the hands are in the wallet. Just look at all the commercials that are on the air for flowers and candy, they are all aimed at men not woman.

Don't blow it guys, I know its a pain the ass but if you do it right the next couple of months will be a lot easier to deal with. Happy Valentine's Day.