A dental office in Grand Junction was busted by the IRS in a tax raid and the owner was still practicing dentistry despite having no license. Apparently despite a decade old order to stop playing dentist the 'dentist' was still accepting patients.

It all began with a tip that Michael Ho, the 'dentist' allegedly wasn't wearing gloves when his hands were inside the patient's mouth. At his 'dental office', Colorado Community Dental, he was told in 2004 he wasn't allowed to own a dentist office.

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies has said that Michael Ho isn't a dentist with a license, so he's not supposed to be screwing around in anyone's mouth anymore. DORA adds he has never been licensed in any state to practice dentistry, "If an individual is practicing dentistry and they own a dental practice, they need to be licensed. If they are not practicing dentistry, they are just administering or working in an administrative capacity. They do not need to be licensed."

About 10 years ago in 2002, the Colorado State Board of Dental Examiners issued a cease and desist order in an attempt to stop Michael Ho from playing dentist, unless he complies with OSHA guidelines. That happened after someone complained he didn't glove up before putting his hands in their mouth, which is against Colorado law.

Colorado Community Dental's website describes the practice as, 'Not for Profit Dentistry for the Whole Family'. Their introduction reads,

We want you to feel you are well taken care of as soon as you step into our facility. Our office is bright, clean, and relaxing to ensure your visit with us is a pleasant one. We have all the latest equipment to offer you a comfortable and comprehensive exam and procedure. Our professional staff will always take extra care and sensitivity with every member of the family, especially those younger smiles. www.ColoradoCommunityDentalGrandJunction.com