Boy, do I have a heck of a story for you. There's a new video share that tells the story of how two Wyoming guys claim to have killed a bigfoot in Wyoming over 50 years ago.

The YouTube channel Rediscovering Wyoming just dropped this whopper. Here are some bullet points of what they shared:

1. In 1968, two men were driving near Jackson Hole looking for coyotes.

2. One of the men took a shot at an animal that he thought was a coyote.

3. When they stopped to check, they found out that THEY HAD KILLED A BIGFOOT.

4. They hid the body and kept quiet for 7 years.

5. They forgot where they hid the body.

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I wondered why this tale was not well known. After learning that they claim to have forgotten where they hid the body explains it. In their defense, I suppose it's believable that they may have feared getting in trouble for offing Sasquatch. Is a bigfoot tag required to hunt Bigfoot? Just wondering.

I wanted to share the claim by these two to see if anyone else had ever come across it. It's one thing to say you saw a bigfoot in Wyoming. It takes it to another level to claim you dropped one with a rifle.

The truth is out there. Maybe you have the info that bigfoot searchers need.

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