Earlier this month, a train carrying passengers along the Narrow Gauge Railroad gathered all kinds of attention after some of the people aboard the train saw, and recorded, what they believed to be a real-life Bigfoot sighting.

In case you haven't seen it yet, the video shows a big, furry, human-like creature walking around in the countryside fairly close to the tracks, then appearing to crouch down after seemingly practicing some Karate moves.

However, the man who is arguably the most knowledgeable and experienced in matters surrounding Bigfoot in the entire state of Colorado, believes that it was probably all a hoax.

Colorado's Bigfoot Expert Thinks Recent Sighting Was a Hoax

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In the small, Front Range town of Bailey, Colorado, one of the biggest draws for tourists to visit (if not the biggest) is the Sasquatch Outpost. The proprietors of the museum/store, Jim and Daphne Myers, have been running the outpost at its location at 149 Main Street in Bailey for years.

Following the alleged recent Bigfoot sighting between Silverton and Durango, an Opinion Editor from the Durango Herald newspaper, Ann Swan, wrote an incredibly entertaining article as a letter to the mythical creature and even sought out an opinion on the authenticity of the citing.

Unfortunately for those hoping and praying that Bigfoot would relocate to Durango in a sort of Harry and the Hendersons scenario, Myers does not believe that the being that was spotted from the train was actually Bigfoot at all.

Myers was quoted as saying, "The hair was the wrong color, it was shiny. And it's clearly a costume."

If anyone would know, it would be Myers, and if you keep scrolling you can check out his Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey while we wait for the next Bigfoot sighting in Colorado:

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