A "ticking" bomb is about to "explode" in Colorado.

The tick population is on the rise. Not only here in Colorado but all across the country. I was back home recently hanging out at a cabin near Turman Lake in south-central Missouri. While sitting around the backyard fire pit visiting with a couple of the guys enjoying a cold beer after their long day of turkey hunting and crappie fishing, one picked a tick that was crawling up his leg and said: "I've been picking these dang things off all day." It's that time of year.

Ticks and tick bites can be dangerous. Here in Colorado, ticks are known to carry two viruses, the Colorado Tick Fever, and the Powassan Virus. They can also carry the regionally named, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever infection.

Even though it's been dry there are several reasons there are more ticks these days and more people becoming sick from their bites. 1-Mild winters and the overall warmer weather is a factor. Ticks thrive in warmer climates and it's been mild in Colorado the past couple of years. 2-More people moving to Colorado means more building and home construction it what is prime tick habitat. 3-Deer are prime hosts and carriers of ticks. The deer population is rising meaning more contact with people. 4-More people enjoying the outdoors consequently leads to more encounters with ticks. 5-Finally, bird movement and migration is changing with the warmer climate helping to distribute ticks to places they not normally have occupied.

I'm not suggesting not heading to the woods this spring and summer, just protect yourself and remember these tips...1-Stay on the trail while hiking. 2-Before heading out, give yourself a good once over with a quality insect repellent. 3-Cover your skin and wear proper outdoor clothing. 4-When you get back home, check yourself over closely. Check every nook and cranny! Those little "suckers" love to hide out and attach themselves in and around some personal and private parts.

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