We were kind of surprised to learn that MTV's show Catfish was still on the air.  This show was big news a bunch of years ago when it first came out.  The concept of the show was this: People who were in online relationships would contact the show if they believed that they were being "catfished," that is, being lied to by the other person in the relationship.  Most of the stories would have many similarities.  They met online.  They would only text each other.  They never met in person.  And they're all really gullible, apparently.  And the guy featured on the most recent Catfish episode is no exception.

A man named Spencer contacted Catfish, because he finally wanted to meet Katy, who he says he's been in an online relationship with for six years, yet has never met in person.  He says he met Katy through a texting app and they made it official some time ago.  So what makes this story so different than all of the other episodes?  Spencer's Katy is none other than pop superstar Katy Perry!  That's right.  This poor fool believes he's in a relationship with Katy Perry.

You can't help but feel bad for this guy for being so gullible, even after being presented with the facts that Katy is not really Katy at all.  But man, he sure tries to hold on to the dream until the last possible second!

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