If you ever find yourself standing in front of a judge for some reason, don't do what this guy did. He started the interaction with what may have been the worst possible opening line ever said to a judge: "How you doin' a--hole?" 

This guy was arrested because he was washing his feet in a fountain at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Ft. Lauderdale when he was asked to leave, refused, and was subsequently arrested.

He refused, was arrested and that's why he ended up in front of the judge.

Surprisingly, the judge took it well, responding with "I'm doing fine. How are you, sir?"

The guy then went cuckoo, going on some religious rant and telling the judge he was going to hell. That's when the judge had enough and ordered that the man be held on $100 bond.

Seems like he lucked out with such a low fine! Then again, Local10.com reports that they guy is homeless, so he might have bit of an issue making bail.

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