A committee has been organized to look at the possibility of Denver hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Denver's mayor has assembled a team to look at the logistics of pulling off such a feat. The Winter Games in 2026 would be 2 years before the Summer Games that are set to return to the US when Los Angeles hosts that event in 2028.

There are several costly improvements the city and state would have to pull off to get the deal done. I-70 would need to be widened and improved to account for the heavy traffic to and from the mountains. Hotels and accommodations would need to be upgraded. It's expensive. That's part of the reason the city turned down the gig in 1976.

The 36-member exploratory team, which Peyton Manning is a member, will have to pour through a ton of information and then present their findings to the mayor and governor.

There are no early estimates on just how much it will cost. Russia spent $51 Billion to basically build a city from scratch to host the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The International Olympic Committee will select a host city in September 2019 at their meetings in Milan, Italy.


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