The Denver Olympic Exploratory Committee takes step towards hosting the games

On Tuesday the committee met with Eagle County Commissioners.  The International Olympic Committee wants to know if the US is interested in hosting the games and submitting bids. Besides Denver, Reno, and Salt Lake City, are considering bids for the games.

If Denver is serious about getting in the game, the Governor and Mayor must submit a bid by April. The candidate U.S. city will be named this fall and the IOC will make its 2026 Olympic city announcement in 2019.

Between Vail and other mountain resorts, Colorado has 13 of the 16 venues required already. Of course, the ski events would be in the mountains; the rink events in Denver.

It may come down to cost. The 2026 Winter Olympics has been estimated to cost about $2 billion. The exploratory committee believes the games can be privately financed. That would be huge if that's indeed the case.

As of today, all parties involved seem excited about the idea. We shall see how this plays out and a derision made in the next few weeks.

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