We're less than a month out from the Buckcherry and Art of Dying show at The Mesa Theatre. There's been a lot of work behind the scenes with one goal, to reestablish Grand Junction as a legit concert market.

This show has been established as a "measuring stick" to see how the Grand Valley rock audience will respond. If we draw a nice crowd Tuesday, September 27, regional promoters have already committed to 95 Rock that they'll book more shows, on a more consistent basis. I assured them that the rock fans would respond and Grand Junction will once again be a market bands will look forward to playing.

We have everything we need. Great venues, The Mesa TheatreThe Avalon Theatre, and several clubs. The routing is perfect, halfway between Salt Lake and Denver. Plus an active, supportive, rock fan base that loves concerts. I am correct in saying that, right?

Ray Michaels

Know this, we here at 95 Rock are doing everything we can to help out. I've personally reached out to the bands, management, and record labels to get approval on cool extras. Meet & greets, soundcheck parties,and exclusive VIP type events will be part of every 95 Rock show.

Ray Michaels

As far as I'm concerned, besides playing great music, it's the main reasons why we're here. To super-serve the rock community. Now, that's where you come in. Without your support, buying a ticket, supporting live music, the effort fails. We're all in this together and if all do our part, Grand Junction will once again be a regular tour stop.