You're like, really pretty. (Mean Girls, anyone?) No, but really, these are the top three prettiest roads in Grand Junction, according to me.

There are certain roads I just love driving down, because well, they're just better looking than others. These are some of my favorite roads to drive down aka the top three prettiest roads in Grand Junction.

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    26 Road

    Between H Road + I Road

    This is a very scenic and very pretty road in Grand Junction. I especially like driving between H Road and I Road because of the gorgeous scenery and cool houses.

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    N 1st Street

    Between Patterson Road + 26 Road

    My favorite section of N 1st Street is between Orchard Avenue and Patterson. Even though there are a few speed bumps, there's just something about the tall trees and all of the greenery on this street.

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    7th Street

    Grand Avenue to North Avenue

    7th Street is Historic Residential District here in Grand Junction and is just gorgeous. The street is lined with trees and old, pretty houses. It's easy to see why it's one of Grand Junction's prettiest streets.