Thousands of birds, all of different species, ages and sizes, fell out of the sky in Colorado while migrating south. Luckily, scientists now think they know what happened.

When you hear that thousands of birds have fallen out of the sky, you get a little freaked out. That's the beginning of the movie 'The Core,' isn't it? On the bright side, unlike in the movie, the Earth's core hasn't begun to stop spinning, but it is still sad for the birds.

According to CPR, a team of ornithologists believes they know what happened.

One reason is the toxic smoke from the fires. It's bad for the birds in general, and particularly dangers in that it kills lots of the flying insects that the birds feed on while migrating. Many of the birds starved before falling to the ground.

Secondly, is that 'crazy' weather snap we experienced a bit ago, which brought temperatures down from the 90s into the 20s. The birds did not prepare for that in their migration plan, which soaked their wings, leaving them unable to fly. Many were run over along the roads.

Get more on the findings from CPR HERE.

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2020 Cameron Peak Fire



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