It was 20 years ago today that I saw the most impressive no-hitter I have ever seen. Jim Abbott of the New York Yankees pitched the gem against the Cleveland Indians on September 4th 1993 it was the 234th no-hitter in major league history.

If throwing a no-hitter isn’t impressive to you then try doing it with just one hand. Jim Abbott was born without a right hand and was able to make his way to major league baseball. Abbott would hold his glove on the end of his right arm; throw the ball then quickly put his glove on to fields his position.

He played for 10 years in the league, had an 87-108 record, a 4.25 ERA and had 888 strikeouts. Besides the no-hitter he won Olympic gold with team USA in 1988 at the Seoul Games. Not too bad for kid born without a right hand.