Arapahoe Basin will win the title of "last ski resort still open" in Colorado.

"Record-setting", that's the only way one can sum up the 2018-19 Colorado ski season. Several resorts extended their season's far longer than normal this spring.  Breckenridge Resort closed up shop this past weekend. Aspen-Snowmass will have "summer skiing and riding" on saturday and Sunday, June 15-16th from 9 AM to 1 PM. A-Basin is scheduled to not only be open this weekend, but they'll also have the lifts running on the 22ed and 23rd as well. That Sunday is the scheduled last day, but who knows, will there be skiing on the 4th of July?

Last Sunday on my trip back from the Garth Brooks show in Denver, I took the drive over Loveland Pass and around past Arapahoe. The parking lot was packed! It was crazy to see how much snow is still on the slopes. Smoke was rising from skiing tailgate parties and folks hitting the slopes in their shorts an t-shirts.

Of course, Arapahoe Basin benefits from being one of the highest, I mean in elevation, (I saw you smirking there) in Colorado. That helps them extend the season however, nothing makes from an extra-long season like a record snowpack.

Credit: KKTV11News 


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