11 years ago, someone in DC said, "Hey, spies are awesome, let's tell their secrets." On that day, they were probably murdered. Someone else decided to quietly open the International Spy Museum.

"Umbrellas are pistols, dead rats are microphones, femme fatales are men fatales. Gain access to a wild world of gadgets, weapons, bugs, cameras, vehicles, and spy-tech that defies classification." YES PLEASE.


The only public espionage museum in America (please email me for information on my private espionage museum, which is in my bedroom closet), the The International Spy Museum holds the largest public collection of spy artifacts, many on view for the first time in history.

The museum concentrates on the work of famous spies in history, and the effect they had on world events. The museum explores the techniques of those involved in some of the biggest espionage missions in history. Completely they provide visitors with nonbiased, accurate information regarding the history of double agents.


The museum states that their mission is to: "educate the public about espionage in an engaging way and to provide a context that fosters understanding of its important role in and impact on current and historic events."

We're pretty sure this place has the best museum gift shop ever, so check out their website for more information, and to plan your visit.