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MOMA Video Game Exhibit — Go Here
When you think of New York's Museum of Modern Art, you probably imagine giant splatter paintings and jars of toenail clippings. Not your thing? No worries; they also have a new video game collection.
The Grand Canyon Skywalk — Go Here
Grand Canyon West is privately owned by the Hualapai tribe, and it was they who conceived of and now operate the Grand Canyon Skywalk -- A transparent, horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge in Arizona that allows you to get a feel for just how gigantic the Grand Canyon truly is, by scaring the life&nbs…
Kidnapped for Fun
In certain parts of Detroit, it's a relatively easy task to get yourself kidnapped, pistol-whipped, or blasted in in the nuts with a stun gun. If it doesn't happen on it it's own though, you can always pay for it.
Pluto’s Gate to Hell – Go Here
In the ancient Phrygian city of Hierapolis, a group of archaeologists recently discovered what they believe to be Pluto’s Gate, a celebrated and infamous portal into the underworld of Greco-Roman mythology that was once believed to be, quite literally, one of the gates into the depth…
Muff Diver Sportfishing Charters in Maryland — Go Here
What better way to spend a summer weekend than doing a little offshore muff diving in the Chesapeake Bay? Though the marina can be a great place to be lewd, we assure you that there is nothing provocative going on at the White Marlin Marina aboard Muff Diver Sportfishing Charters in downtown Ocean C…

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