The Internet exploded with the great dress debate, what color is it?

Well, it all depends on how the neurons fire in your visual cortex. Some will see white and gold while others see blue and black. The question has the world all abuzz.

swiked, Tumblr

So what color do you see? I will tell you what I see and you can trust me I know a little about dresses.

Dresses are not like blue jeans boys, you just can't tug on them. You have to be gentle with a dress if you start pulling on the damn thing it will rip and that will spoil the whole mood.

Most dresses have small zippers that run either down the back or the side. You need to take your time with them if you try to rush it you will snag it and screw it up and you don't want that.

This isn't like a bra, you can't just slip your hand back there and undo the damn thing. That is why I like the unzip from behind method. You can get a firm grip on the zipper and take it right to the bottom with no snags.

Then put the dress where it looks best on the bedroom floor and have a great night.

For the record I see a White and Gold dress.