It's almost here! The event we've been waiting for, even though we only found out about it ten minutes ago!

The Air Sex World Championships will be held in Austin, TX on October 23rd, and we couldn't be more stroked stoked. We did a little research about the event, and found out some information, if you're interested in competing this year.

Contestants have two minutes to perform an 'Air Sex Routine,' (which seems a bit long, considering our experience with normal sex, but it's always good to push yourself). You must perform with music, and...well those are basically all of the rules. Groups are allowed. Props are allowed. IMPORTANT: You are not allowed to have a real orgasm. We are not kidding, this is actually a rule -- All sexual climaxes must be simulated.

As with every championship, there is an awards ceremony, where the champion receives their prize: A golden Fleshlight. Here is one of the past winners uh...collecting her prize.

You coming? See what we did there?