I made the trip up 1st Street between Ouray and North Avenues. I had to run downtown so I thought I'd get a first-hand update on that construction project. It's best to stay away.

The Grand Junction City Council approved the $2.1 million project months ago. It will improve 1st street and will be really nice when it's finished but for now, it's a mess. The project will convert the four-lane street into a three-lane. New sidewalks, bike lanes, a median, and on-street parking will be added as well.

Ray Michaels

There's still heavy equipment on site. During my trip northbound this afternoon a backhoe pulled out and traffic was stopped while he made his way across. I was directed by a worker to cross over to the southbound lane and take it north for about a quarter mile.

Ray Michaels

Again, the best advice is to try to avoid the area if at all possible. This project is scheduled to continue through the end of this month. Businesses along the 1st Street continue to stay open during the construction project.

Ray Michaels

Remember too, be cautious and slow down through construction zones. Be mindful of reduced speed limits and always watch for workers. This is just one of several road improvement projects currently underway around Grand Junction. Drive safe.

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