A wild Brazilian fish has been caught by a fisherman in the Oresund Sound, a body of water between Sweden and Denmark. The fish isn’t the much-feared Piranha but the Pacu, a large fish that can hit 55 pounds with big teeth and a reputation for attacking men’s testicles.

The Pacu normally eats nuts, fruit and small fish but male testicles are an easy target when skinny-dipping. So, officials in Denmark and Sweden have warned men to keep their swimsuits on when bathing in Oresund Sound. Expert Henrik Carl says a swimmer is way more likely to drown than be bitten by a Pacu, but it does happen.

In 2011 the Pacu was blamed for the deaths of two men in Papa New Guinea. Both men where found dead with their testicles bit off. Locals in Papa New Guinea nicknamed the Pacu “The Ball Cutter”.

Think we are safe in the United Sates? Think again, last summer a Pacu was found in a lake in Illinois.

Experts are not sure how the fish got into the lakes but think someone may have just let it go when it became too big for their tank. The hope is the tropical fish will die in the winter, until then beware the ball cutter when you take a mid-night dip with your girl.