This week's Local Love is all about Tess and Halsey from Ghost Rock Farm. The couple makes bread, butter, and cheese together, and here's how they got started.

Tess and Halsey moved to Palisade about two years ago from Australia and almost immediately started their business, Ghost Rock Farm. Tess told us that they've been working in artisan dairy for the past decade or so. They couldn't find cultured butter when they moved back to the U.S. and they missed it, so they started making it themselves.

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After seeing what they make on Instagram, we had to feature them on our Local Love. The Ghost Rock Farm couple says that butter is their favorite food. They love learning about new dairy products and techniques and are very passionate about the products they make.

Halsey went to the University of Vermont and was the Dairy Science program. He then went to become a licensed Wisconsin Cheesemaker, which is a very prestigious title. (I have family from Wisconsin and they don't mess around when it comes to their cheese.) Wisconsin is the cheese capital of the U.S. so needless to say that Halsey makes some great cheese.

We wanted to know how they came up with the name and Tess told us that their five-acre farm is full of peach orchards and the rocks and landscape behind it are always glowing at night. They were trying to find a name one night when they saw the glowing rock and thought 'ghost rock' which also honors their ancestors, like Halsey's grandma who used to live in Grand Junction, hence the name Ghost Rock Farm.

Tess walked into the studio with some freshly baked sourdough bread and a hockey puck of homemade cultured butter. I've since made one super dank sandwich and lots, and lots of tasty toast with it.

Tess said that they love having their own business because they can literally make anything they want. Ghost Rock Farm only makes things they love and she told us that everything they make is a little piece of them.

Halsey and Tess love being in Palisade. The first time they visited was during a Blue Grass festival and it was peach season too. Tess said:

Getting to have a business in a small community that's so supportive has been wonderful and we never look back.

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